About Business Center

Since 2015 “Stroymontazh” LLC - one of the Russian major
developers has begun to make investments in Armenian real estate market. The first initiation was the establishment of the business center at 4 Hrachya Kochar Street. The building has been completely renovated and adopted to the business concept, where each business activity would become available and convenient.
In December 2016 the construction of shopping center adjacent to Hrachya Kochar Street has began, which will complete the idea of business center increasing its attractiveness and viability to fit the business network of the city.
Being located at one of the most active part of the city near to “Barekamutyun” metro station and having a leading position, Barekamutyun Business Center ensures and guarantees the best conditions for business activities. The existence of large parking lot at backyard and Hrachya Kochar Street is one of the key factors for such facilities. The design with different entrances into the shopping area and office premises enables minimize the traffic into the different layouts of business center.

The main advantages of Barekamutyun Business Center are as follows:
• Prime location close to one of the most busy traffic junction, near to “Barekamutyun” metro station,
• Renovated office spaces located on eight floors,
• Commercial spaces with access from both Hrachya Kochar and Sundukyan Streets,
• An internal yard with large parking lot,
• Two parking lots on Hrachya Kochar Street,
• Two lifts in the office building and one in the commercial building with the capacity of 1000kg each,
• Well-developed infrastructure,
• Café, lounge bar and fast food lot,
• 24 hour security control,
• Professional management within the business center.

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